Singing Bowls for Health and inner Harmony

Singing Bowls for Health and inner Harmony

Peter Hess, Telse Hunter (Translation)
Verlag Peter Hess, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-938263-27-3
paperback, 98 pages, with numerous coloured illustrations



Singing Bowls for Health and Inner Harmony Through Sound Massage according to Peter Hess. Tension Reduction, Creativity enhancement, History Rituals

Peter Hess
is considered a pioneer in working with singing bowls. In 1984, the Dr.-Ing. for Physical Technology and Vocational School Teacher for Physics and Politics developed the eponymous Peter Hess® Sound Massage, a holistic relaxation method that can contribute to improved health.
Today, the sound massage is a synthesis of numerous Peter Hess® Sound Methods, which represent a specialized use of singing bowls and sound massage in the areas of wellness, prevention, pedagogy, counseling, coaching, therapy, and healing.
Peter Hess is head of the Peter Hess® Institute (PHI) in Germany, which also hosts Peter Hess® Academies in more than 20 countries. He is the 1st Chairman of the European Association for Sound Therapy e.V. and author of numerous books. He works worldwide as a speaker and seminar leader.